The Human Entry Point for BitCoin

Most people assume BitCoin is made for machines. MetaHandles takes the power back to humans. When you create a MetaHandle, you create an onchain door to some onchain content, which can be found and unlocked with a human readable keyword.

Owner of Metahandle

MOBY Verlagshaus
Postfach 1
89276 Nersingen

CEO: Christoph Bergmann

Social and Code

Twitter: MetaHandle
Telegram: Metahandle
Slack: Atlantis Slack

Github: theBergmann/metahandle

Terms of Service is just an interface between the users and the blockchain. It is not responsible for the availability of the BSV blockchain or the integrity of the data.
It is not allowed to use Metahandle to reference to transactions containing illicit content.

Privacy Protection does not store, process or share any private data and doesn't want to change this. Period.
If it ever happens that starts processing private data the privacy protection explanation will be updated.