Money Button

MoneyButton simplifies the payment process. Users pay with literally just one click, and content creators process payments with a simple JavaScrip operation.

MMoneyButton allows to monetize every single user interaction on a website – without disrupting the user experience.

Fund your Account

If you already have a funded MoneyButton account – great. If not, please open an account at MoneyButton. Registration is a matter of seconds. Once done, go to your profile and look for your MoneyButton ID. It is a number with four or five digits.

Now you can request a funding of 50 Cent to test this page. The request will be published as a MoneyButton, and we will send you an e-mail notification once it is filled.

Fill a funding request

Push the button to fund Christoph
Push the button to fund Hannah
Push the button to fund Horst
Push the button to fund Christopher Nigischer

Experience Money Button

Go to the next section and experience a MoneyButton based PayWall.